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Local Democracy and the Townships of Illinois: "A Report to the People" is a document that was created after some critics published some information about townships that was not true.  The report spoke to the issues that were presented and can be accessed here.  (Click here for the report)

Township Summer Road Maintenance

Road surface patching has been completed by Township crews and now the Township will be sweeping in preparation for this re-sealing the week of the July 7th.  More than 9 miles of road surfaces will be resealed by the Township’s low bidder anytime between July 5th and August 10th.  The following roads will be swept and re-sealed:

            All road surfaces in the following subdivisions:

                        Settlers Cove

                        Twin Oaks

                        Byron Hills



            The following roads




                        River Drive


            These roads have been patched and will be swept for re-sealing so we are asking for your cooperation so that the re-sealing can be completed safely and efficiently.  Please do not park within 10 feet of the edge of the road surface or on the road surface so that the maintenance equipment can safely work.  Please do not blow grass clippings onto the road surface as this prevents a good bond between the re-seal and the existing surface once they have been swept.

             In addition the township will be mowing roadways and repairing signs the remainder of this season.


Last Updated July 10, 2014