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As winter begins to settle in we begin snow plowing time.  Please refrain from plowing snow from driveways onto roadways.  For those who live in subdivisions there are multiple passes made with the final pass to open the approaches to mail boxes which results in more  snow being pushed into the end of your driveway.  So just because we went by once does not mean that we are done.  Alos a reminder to not park along roadways including cu-de-sacs on nights when it is supposed to snow so that they can be cleared.   Alos a reminder of the possibility of slick bridges in the early mornings as the bridge decks freeze faster than other surfaces.



Township - Government close to the people

Local Democracy and the Townships of Illinois: "A Report to the People" is a document that was created after some critics published some information about townships that was not true.  The report spoke to the issues that were presented and can be accessed here.  (Click here for the report)



Last Updated November 13, 2015