Each four years, in the spring election, you go to the polls to elect your township officials to the offices of Road Commissioner, Supervisor, Clerk, Assessor and four trustees.  Township government is the greatest example of local government and is the foundation of government through our great history as a free nation.  The three mandated functions of a township are construction and maintenance of township roads, assessing all properties in the township fairly, and administration of General Assistance to township residents. 


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Newly elected officials will start their term on May 15th with the exception of the Township Assessor whose term begins January 1, 2018.  Township Supervisor Mike Lewis and Trustees Dave Johnson and Chris Remhof are stepping down from office and their positions will be filled by Terry Reeverts as Supervisor and Dave Englebrecht and Hank Ebert will be filling the two Trustee positions.  The township contracted Gynel Orr to fill the last term for the Assessor and on January 1, 2018 Bob Goelitz will be taking the office as Township Assessor.  Continuing to serve as Highway Commissioner Ron Gibson, Clerk Barbara Rundle, Trustees Ray Dyck and Janet Harding. 



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Township - Government close to the people

Local Democracy and the Townships of Illinois: "A Report to the People" is a document that was created after some critics published some information about townships that was not true.  The report spoke to the issues that were presented and can be accessed here.  (Click here for the report)



Last Updated May 12, 2020