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Spring is here!


After the winter and then the early spring thawing and freezing township roads have been checked for pot-holes and they have all been filled.  As we look ahead to the road maintenance season we ask that you watch for road maintenance crews working township roadways and right-of-ways and slow down as you approach.  Township officials are working on the budget for this new year (April 1, 2015 through March 31, 2016) as we view the closing of last fiscal year and get bids on what materials will cost this year.  Drive safely and enjoy the spring!




Township - Government close to the people

Local Democracy and the Townships of Illinois: "A Report to the People" is a document that was created after some critics published some information about townships that was not true.  The report spoke to the issues that were presented and can be accessed here.  (Click here for the report)



Last Updated May 12, 2015