Township Assessor

     The township assessor is responsible for discovering, listing, and determining the fair cash value of property within the assessment jurisdiction. All property except farmland should be assessed at the Illinois statutory rate of 33.33 percent of its market value.
     The purpose of the assessed valuation is to uniformly distribute the tax burden created by the taxing bodies over all real estate within Byron Township according to its market value. Assessors perform a distribution function rather than a taxing function. If taxing bodies do not levy, then there is no tax to distribute.  The current three-year level of assessments for Byron Township is 33.54.
     Robert Goelitz, is the elected assessor for 2018 through 2021.

To contact Assessor

Byron Township Assessor
507 North Colfax Street
Byron, Illinois 61010


    There are several property tax exemptions available to homeowners to help reduce their tax bills. Most require that the property be residential and be owned and occupied by the taxpayer. The dollar amount of these exemptions can change annually. Some exemptions require a one-time application and others must be renewed every year.

    • General Homestead Exemption (“owner occupied”)
    • Senior Citizens Homestead Exemption
    • Senior Citizens Assessment Freeze Homestead Exemption
    • Homestead Improvement Exemption
    • Disabled Persons’ Homestead Exemption
    • Disabled Veterans’ Homestead Exemption
    • Disabled Veterans’ Standard Homestead Exemption
    • Returning Veterans’ Homestead Exemption
    • Senior Citizens Real Estate Tax Deferral Program
    An explanation of each exemption and application forms can be found at the ogle county website or by calling the Supervisor of Assessments at 815-732-1150.

Property Information

    In addition to contacting the assessor directly, the following county websites provide property data, assessments, and tax information for property owners.


    Your property taxes provide much of the funding of our local schools and other government agencies. The property tax is a local tax; it is administered by local officials and the funds raised stay in the local community. While the State of Illinois prescribes rules and laws for administering the property tax, the state does not collect any property tax revenue.

    Most of your property tax bill (about 60 percent) goes to your local school district. The remainder is shared by the county, municipalities, park districts, library districts, fire districts, townships, and other special districts.