Byron Township Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees 

Township Building, 507 North Colfax Street, Byron IL

January 14, 2021   7:00 PM


Township Board Meetings under COVID-19 Guidelines

The Byron Township is resuming in person board meetings beginning in July.  Illinois guidelines will be followed for attending specifically following social distancing restrictions and mask wearing.



1)      Call to Order; Pledge of Allegiance

2)      Opening Prayer

3)      Roll Call

4)      Public Comment

5)      Additions, Adjustments or Deletions to the Agenda

6)      Approval of Prior Meeting’s Minutes

7)      Planning Commission Report

8)      Assessor’s Report

9)      Road Commissioner’s Report

10)  Clerk’s Report

11)  Trustee’s Report

12)  Cemetery Report

13)  Correspondence & Supervisor’s Report

14)  Budget line item transfers (if needed)

15)  Audit and approve Town Fund Bills

16)  Audit and approve Road District Bills

17)  Old Business Discussion

  a.      None

18)  New Business

   a.      Discussion and possible action on next year’s meeting date schedule.

    b.      Discussion and possible action on financing for Road District equipment. 

19)  Summarization of Issues to be Discussed at next meeting

20)  Adjournment

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