Byron Township Freedom of Information Resolution

The Byron Township Board of Trustees approved the following resolution at it's January 13, 2011 meeting for the public to use as a guide in requesting information from your township.


WHEREAS, the Illinois Freedom of Information Act, Senate Bill 189, the Governor signed the bill into law on August 17, 2009, as Public Act 96-542 (hereinafter the FOIA) authorizes each public body to promulgate rules and regulations in conformity with the provisions of Section 3 of the Act pertaining to the availability of records and procedures to be followed, including:

        (i) the times and places where such records will be made available, and

        (ii) the persons from whom such records may be obtained.

WHEREAS, Section 6 of the FOIA authorized each public body to charge fees reasonably calculated to reimburse its actual cost for reproducing and certifying public records for the use, by any person, of the equipment of the public body to copy records, and to be imposed according to a standard scale of fees, established and made public by the body imposing them.

WHEREAS, at the regular meeting of the Township Board, held on January 13, 2011, a motion was passed adopting the following procedures pursuant to the FOIA.


A.     Any person submitting a proper request for inspection or copying of public records under FOIA shall deliver said request during regular business hours, in writing, to the Byron Township, 507 N Colfax St, Byron, IL 61010, Attn: FOIA Officer.

B.     Copies of public records required to be disclosed pursuant to the FOIA shall be made available to such person upon payment of copying fees in accordance with the following scale of fees, which shall be posted in a prominent place at the Byron Township, 507 N Colfax Street, Byron, IL  61010-0712.

a. The Town Board designated Township Clerk, Barbara Rundle as FOIA Officer with Supervisor, Terry Reeverts designated as Alternate FOIA Officer.

b. The first fifty pages of standard letter or legal size black and white copies are without cost to the requestor.

c. After the first 50 pages, the fee for black and white copies shall be $.15 (15 cents) per page. (A fee equal to actual cost may be charged for color copies.) The actual cost of purchasing the recording medium, such as a disc or tape, may be charged for electronic records. The cost of a certified copy is limited to $1.00.

APPROVED THIS 13th DAY OF January 2011.

Certified to be a true and accurate copy of the Action, Passed and Adopted on the above date by the Byron Township Board.


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