Policy on Public Participation at Board Meetings

Public Act 96-1473 which amends the Open Meetings Act, is effective Jan. 1, 2011. This new law
gives any person the right to address public officials at a public meeting subject to rules established by the public body.  The following policy was adopted and approved by the Byron Township Board of Trustees for public comment at a township meeting.

The Township of Byron trustees, to comply with Public Act 96-1473, have adopted the following policy in order that any person shall be permitted an opportunity to address the Board of Trustees of the Byron Township at one of their meetings in accordance with the following rules as are hereby adopted January 9, 2011.

1)     The Board of Trustees will allow public comment near the beginning of each meeting and it will be set forth in the agenda as “Public Comment” line item.

2)     Each member of the public wishing to provide comment to the board will be allowed a maximum of 5 minutes from the time they are recognized by the Chairman of the Board until they must stop their comments.  At the discretion of the Chairman the person providing public comment may be allowed to comment further than their 5 minutes or the Chairman may direct the person to submit further comment to the Chairman in writing for distribution to the trustees at a later date.  Comment provided in this manner should be sent to:  Byron Township, Attention Supervisor, PO Box 712, Byron, Illinois, 61010-0712.

3)     The Board will not necessarily respond to the comment provided at the public meeting at the same time comment is given.  Consideration will be given to the public comment and further research may be required before the Township Board takes any action regarding the public comment.

4)     The Board of Trustees reserves the right to remove anyone who becomes hostile, argumentative, threatens the public’s safety or is disruptive to the meeting.  If the party being asked to leave does not voluntarily leave or cease the behavior, law enforcement will be called to remove the person.


This policy will be in affect from the time of passing on January 13th 2011.

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