Byron Cemetery - Spring Cleanup  March 12 through March 29

The Byron Cemetery will be removing all grave decorations during Spring Cleaning.  If there are any decorations that would like to keep please remove them and then bring them back after cleanup is complete.  This is done each year to keep the cemetery looking good.  After March 29 decorating can be resumed.  We remind you to not use glass receptacles - if found they will be dicarded.  Easter decorations will be allowed up until April 18 after which they will be removed and dicarded. 



The Byron Cemetery Association approached the Byron Township to consider taking over the Byron Cemetery due to low intrest rates and compliance issues with the Illinois Cemetery Oversight Act.  The only revenues the Association received for maintenance was for part f the grave sales and interest earned on the Perpetual Care Funds.  With interest rates so low and increasing costs of maintenance coupled with the compliance with the Illinois Cemetery Oversight Act, many cemetery associations have turned over the cemeteries to municipalities. At the last Town Hall Meeting (April 2017), all present voted for the Township to accept the conveyance of the Byron Cemetery to the Byron Township.

Mike Lewis has been retained as the Sexton to meet with those who requesting information on where their loved ones are, inquire on availability of grave spaces and sell spaces that are avialble, record keeping and reporting to the Byron Township Board Trustees.  As we move forward there will be more information here including fee schedules and links to cemetery maps.

You may request cemetery maps, pricing and locations of your oved ones by calling 815-703-7401, corresponding to Byron Township - Cemetery, 507 N. COlfax Street, Byron, IL  61010 or emailing to: