Byron Township - Elected Officials

Each four years, in the spring election, you go to the polls to elect your township officials to the offices of Road Commissioner, Supervisor, Clerk, Assessor and four trustees.  Township government is the greatest example of local government and is the foundation of government through our great history as a free nation.  The three mandated functions of a township are construction and maintenance of township roads, assessing all properties in the township fairly, and administration of General Assistance to township residents. 


Current Elected Officials as of May 17th of 2021

Road Commissioner - Mark K Rundle

Supervisor - Terry Reeverts

Clerk - Barb Rundle

Assessor - Now until January 1 of 2026 then Bob Goelitz   

Trustee Ray Dyck

Trustee - Janet Harding

Trustee - Dave Engelbrecht

Trustee - Kip Norup