Planning Commission - Comprehensive Plan


            When a property owner in Byron Township wants to change their “zoning classification”, request a “special use permit” or request relief from a specific requirement via a “variance”, they should contact the Ogle County Zoning Department in Oregon, IL. Once the Zoning Department assigns a case number, The Byron Township Planning Commission will receive all the relevant information to the case. The Township Planning Commission is comprised of five people from the Township who volunteer their services and will vote on the planning issue before them guided by the Byron Township Comprehensive Plan.
           Their recommendation will then be heard by the Byron Township Board of Trustees. Once the Township Board has acted on the proposal it will also be considered by the Ogle County Planning Commission, and the Ogle County Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). The ZBA has the final say on a variance request. Zoning classification changes and special use permits will then be heard by the Planning & Zoning Committee of the County Board and then the full Ogle County Board.
           In addition to the above responsibilities, The Planning Commission is also responsible for reviewing and determining if updates to the Byron Township Comprehensive Plan are needed. All zoning change requests must be submitted to the Ogle County Zoning Administrator and not the Byron Township.



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